Attention Busy Parents with Children's Age between 2 and 16 Years

How to PROTECT your Child from being DESTROYED by Smartphones, Internet & Digital World in 2022, BEFORE It's too LATE

A Picture, worth a Thousand Words

How to PROTECT your Child's Future from being RUINED by Smartphones, Internet & Digital World in 2022, BEFORE It's too LATE

Work with me in this LIVE, Powerful and Interactive Workshop for Next 2 Days, and Discover & Start Designing the World No. - 1 Protection Model for your Child, to protect them from all Dark Sides of the Digital World as well as Monitor, Control & Guide their Digital Life siting at any Corner of World, without any Prior Tech Expertise.

Mindful Digital Parenting LIVE Workshop (2 Days)

2 Days Consecutive 100% LIVE Sessions Starting from
👨‍🏫 18th – Mar'23 (Mon) & 19th - Mar'23 (Sun)
⏱️ 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Hosted by – Sontu Biswas
🇮🇳 India's Leading Digital Parenting Specialist

“Both of your Mission and Vision is going to bring Great Benefits to Millions of Life. You both are doing a Great Job and Wish you both all the Best.

Vidya Balan
(Indian Actress, Awarded Padma Shree in 2014)

Join this 3+1 Days Mindful Digital Parenting Masterclass with me to

Setup Easy, Practical, Real-Time & Advanced Parental Control System and Protection Model over Children's Device.

Monitor your Child's Digital World's Activity, sitting at any corner of the World, and guide them to get the Maximum benefit from Technology

Protect your children from all the Dangers/Threats of the Digital World.

Create a Healthy, Productive and Positive Digital Environment within your Family, with full of Abundance.

Guide your Children, so that they can Use (Not Misuse) the Power of the Digital World or Technology to Gain Ultimate Success in Life.

Help your Child with overcoming Gaming Addiction, Social Media Addiction, Digital Screen Addiction, and more.

Reduce Unproductive Screen-time of Children and to Increase the Productive Screen-time.

Be Mindful in your Parenting Journey in this Digital Era.

Who is this Workshop suitable for?

A Responsible Parent, who loves, take care & always concern about their child and their Future.

A BUSY Parent, who spends most of his/her time within Office or Household works, and can manage very less time with their Kids, in Today's Competitive World.

A Parent, who's Child is always glued to Smartphones, Screens or Digital World. (⚠ Warning Sign)

A Parent, who's Child is growing aggressive in behaviors day by day. (⚠ Warning Sign)

A Parent, who's Child is suddenly getting Secretive (⚠ Warning Sign)

A Parent, who's Child is getting Very Very Less Social to Family and Friends (⚠ Warning Sign)

A Parent, who's Child has a habit of eating as soon as they see the mobile. (⚠ Warning Sign)

A Helpless Parent, concerned about their child's future with the faster growing Digital World. But, they don't know what to do? And also feel themselves Technologically Weaker/Inferior in this Digital Era.

By the way, Many Parents are not aware


According to UNICEF (before COVID-19 Outbreak), 1 in 3 children are Internet user, and also, 1 in 3 Internet users is a child


In India 🇮🇳 itself, 66 Million Children, aged 5-11, have Internet access.


As per Times of India, 1 out of 3 Children in India are Cyber-Bullied.


1 out of 3 Children are in risk of Gaming Addiction


As per Times of India, 9 out of 10 Boys and 6 out of 10 Girls are exposed to Inappropriate Contents before the age of 18.


50% of Teens have received an inappropriate private message, and 1 in 3 Teens have sent Inappropriate Private Images.


and these are just a few data...

Listen what’s other Parents are saying

Anyone can Learn, even with Zero Tech Expertise

IT Guy wishes if he has started earlier

Most-Required Knowledge for Parents

Life-Saving Course”

What will you get to Learn on Each Day

Mindfulness in Digital World as a Parent

Introduction of Digital World

Secret Power of Internet

Introduction to Inappropriate Content & it's Diagnosis 

Dark Side of Digital World

Introduction to APS Model

Just Joining this Webinar, You will get Bonuses/Gifts worth more than ₹10,000


Lifetime Access to VIP Facebook Group

Get a Lifetime Membership to Mindful Digital Parents VIP Group, and get the Fastest updates on Upcoming Modules. And a Support Community to take care and nurture Parents Worldwide under a single Roof.

Worth ₹ 1,999/-


Certificate of Completion

Upon attending the 3 + 1  Days Mindful Digital Parenting Workshop and completing each and every given Assignment, you will be eligible to claim a Workshop Completion Certificate. This will be delivered as per user's intent only.

Worth ₹ 499/-

Meet Your Mentor

Sontu Biswas is the Founder of Next-Gen Parenting & Next-Gen Billionaire Club. He is a Kids' Motivational & Inspirational Speaker and a Facilitator too. He is also, India's Leading Digital Parenting Specialist, a Certified Parenting Coach and a Certified Career Strategist. Furthermore, he has trained and coached more than 500 Kids, Parents & Families via different Workshops & 1-to-1 Consultation, with solving the challenges related to Parenting in Digital Age and Child's Career. By Profession, Sontu is a Software Engineer, have completed B.Tech. & MBA.

From his Childhood Days, he was exposed to Technology and Computer. All total, he has more than 20 Years of Experience with Technology & Computers. He is highly Passionate about Technology and Gadgets. He was grown up with Siblings and a lot of Younger Cousins. His best time used to playing with Children and explore with them. He is also highly passionate about Children and Parenting. Moreover, he is also a Parent of a Young Toddler, like you all.

As he was exposed to Internet at a very early age, he had seen and experienced almost all kinds of Bright Side as well as Dark Side of the Digital World. Like he had experienced Cyber-Bullying, Online Financial Threats, Victim of being Computer Security Threats, etc. He was also highly hooked to Computer Games. But, at the end, he has recovered himself from all Dark Side of Digital World, choose to be Mindful in the Digital World and used the Technology in Positive direction and Grow in Life.

Now, Sontu is here with all his Research, Knowledge, and Experience to help Kids, Parents & Families to solve all of Parenting Challenges specially in this Digital Era. So that parents and their Children can use the Power of Technology in Effective, Efficient & Responsible Manner. And to Revive the Lost Physical, Emotional & Spiritual connection between Families. His Mission (MISSION – MDW) is to impact 10 Million Families Worldwide and promote a Mindful Digital World.

Now, you can too create a Healthy & Mindful Digital Environment in your Family and help with protecting your precious Child from the Dark Side of Digital World. So that, they can use the Digital World to gain Ultimate Success in their Life.

Got More Questions? We've Got You Covered.

When does the Mindful Digital Parenting Workshop start?

Mindful Digital Parenting Webinar is going to start on Scheduled Date at Scheduled Timing, which you will find either on the Top or Bottom of this Page.

It will commence for 2 Consecutive Days.

Approximated Daily Workshop Duration will be for 60 Mins. Extension may be possible.

Will this be live or pre-recorded? Will the Recordings will be provided?

This Workshop is going to be 100% LIVE and Interactive.

No Recording will be provided as this Workshop is very very important for Parents, and requires your serious attention.

Only for Day 1 Class, you will get recordings, so that you can schedule timing for next day.

If for any reason you missed the Workshop, you have an option to request to opt for Next Scheduled Workshop.

The Masterclass is in which Language ?

The Workshop is in English Primarily.

There are sessions on Hindi & Bengali too. And more Languages will be added soon, as I don't want the Language to be a Barrier for this Essential knowledge for Parents in this Digital Era.

Please contact the Admin via WhatsApp after joining, if you want to go with Hindi or Bengali Language.

How to Login after Registration?

On registration, you would be requested to join a WhatsApp Group. All the information related to the Workshop and the link for the Live sessions will be sent to you in the WhatsApp Group as well as in your registered email.

I am almost always busy, I don't know if I can do LIVE class?

I know you are very busy, as WE ALL ARE.

But, I'm Sure that Nothing is more valuable and important than the safety of your beloved child for you.

So, I would request you to please keep aside 60-MINS Daily from your busy schedule, on the workshop days, not for you, but, FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILD.

I'm sure you can manage that time.

Can I buy this Masterclass for my Children ?


Please note, that this Masterclass is designed specifically for Parents & Adults only. And there are some Mature Contents used in this Workshop for representational purpose, which may not be Suitable for Children.

There is a Separate Special Workshop for Children, on demand.

I'm not a Technical Expert, Will I will be able to learn from the Masterclass ?

Absolutely YES!, If you are comfortable to surf App or Websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc., then you can easily LEARN and ACT accordingly.

Please note, the KNOWLEDGE provided in this Workshop is HIGHLY IMPORTANT, which doesn't require any Prior Technical Expertise.

I do have more quaries, how to contact you ?

I will suggest you to attend the Webinar, for 1 to 1 Q&A Session, just before the end of the Workshop.

But, if still any support required, you are requested to contact vide following medium:

WhatsApp (Recommended) : +91-8274843236

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Join the Workshop Now Before They're All Gone

Thanks for taking the time to read this page

You can see, right now, you're getting this 2 Days Mindful Digital Parenting Workshop together with Bonuses worth more than ₹ 10,000/- (including Limited Time Mega Bonus) when you register your spot for just ₹199/- which is even less than what you would pay for a Family Pizza.

Like I said at the beginning,,,

This will be a Game-Changer for you as a Parent, if you want to Protect your Child from Dark Side of Digital World and help them to use the Technology in Safe, Effective, Efficient & Responsible manner. So, This is going to be your BEST ever Life-Time GIFT for your Children.

Sontu Biswas

Mindful Digital Parenting 2 Days Workshop @ Just ₹ 1999/-199 for a very Limited Time (as a Launch Offer)

 Starting Mar 18th, '2023 (Sunday) at 7:00 PM, via ZOOM Meeting

Time Remaining to Unlock the Bonuses worth ₹10,000+


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